Head Office

Head Office KYORIN Rimedio CO.,LTD.

287-1, Shimocho Moroe-machi, Kanazawa Shi, Ishikawa,920-0017 Japan
Telephone 076-239-2270

By car: 10 minutes by car from JR Kanazawa Station West Exit
By train: Hokuriku Railway · Asanogawa Line Get off at the WARIDASHI station of the 4th station from Hokutetsu Kanazawa Station · 2 minutes on foot
Access from the airport:
From Komatsu Airport to Airport Connection Bus "Kanazawa Ekimae"
Super express limited time approximately 40 minutes, approximately 60 minutes via the city



Takaoka Shi office park number 11, Takaoka Shi, Toyama,932-0211 Japan
Telephone 0766-63-6722

By car: approximately 5 minutes by car from Takaoka Tonami Smart IC on Hokuriku Expressway
By train: approximately 15 minutes by taxi from Hokuriku Shinkansen New Takaoka station
or approximately 5 minutes by taxi from Toide station (From Shin-Takaoka station, change to JR Jouhana Line and take the 3rd station)


INAMI Office

885 Inami Nanto Shi, Toyama,932-0211 Japan
Telephone PHARMACOVIGILANCE DEPARTMENT:0763-82-3152 SCM SECTION:0763ー58ー5182

By car: approximately 13 minutes by car from Tonami IC on Hokuriku Expressway