Privacy Policy

Kyorin Remedio Co., Ltd. recognizes that protection of personal information is an important mission in conducting research and development, manufacturing, sales and all other business operations of pharmaceutical products, and established this policy In addition to thoroughly informing all officers and employees, we will continue to fulfill our sincere fulfillment.

  1. Collection, use and provision of personal information
    We collect and use personal information to the extent necessary for the research and development, manufacturing, sales and other business operations of pharmaceuticals. In addition, we do not offer personal data to third parties without consent of the person except when it is accepted by law etc.
  2. Proper management of personal information
    We will take reasonable security measures and manage it appropriately so as not to cause loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, unauthorized access to personal data.
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations concerning personal information
    We will handle personal information in compliance with laws such as the law on the protection of personal information. In addition, the Company appoints a person in charge of personal information management from among the directors, organizes a personal information management committee chaired by person responsible for personal information management, and appropriately uses and manages personal information.
  4. Deposit of Personal Data
    The Company may outsource the handling of personal data for the business operation of our company. In case of consignment, we will sign contract with contractor to ensure proper handling, and if necessary we will inspect implementation situation.
  5. Disclosure, Correction, Suspension, etc. of Retained Personal Data
    In connection with personal data held by the Company, the Company has requested notice, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of usage purpose, suspension or elimination of use, or suspension of provision of a third party If there is, we respond in good faith according to the place stipulated by the law.
  6. Maintaining and Improving Personal Information Protection
    The Company conducts education for executives and employees so that the handling of personal information is properly carried out, periodically checks, and continuously reviews the efforts to protect personal information, improves To do.

Purpose of using personal information

The purpose of using personal information acquired / possessed by the Company is as follows.

  1. Purpose of using personal information on doctors, pharmacists, pharmacies, and other medical personnel
    • • Provision and collection of information on proper use of our products
    • • Provision and collection of information on the quality, safety or effectiveness of our products
    • • Research and research in the field of medicine and medicine
    • • Provision and collection of medical information / academic information
    • • Requests and conducts surveys etc. for development and use of our products
    • • Reporting and reporting to government agencies
  2. Purpose of using personal information about people who contacted us
    • • Consultation, examination and correspondence of contents of communication etc
    • • Contact / information provision to product manufacturers, distributors, medical personnel, etc.
    • • Reporting and reporting to government agencies
  3. Purpose of using personal information on people who applied for job offers
    • • Discussion / decision and notice of acceptance / rejection
  4. Personal information (owned personal data) pertaining to the officer and employee of the business partner company
    • • Communication and adjustment in transactions of pharmaceuticals, raw materials and other goods
  5. Personal information pertaining to officers / employees, retirees, etc. (retained personal data)
    • • Work, payment of remuneration / salary, personnel, evaluation, work, Noh / development, welfare benefits, safety and health etc
    • • management
    • • Contact / offer to mutual aid association, health insurance association and affiliates
    • • Posting in company newsletter
    • • Reporting and reporting to government agencies
    • • Emergency contact and other correspondence
  6. Purpose of using information such as surveillance cameras
    • • Crime prevention measures, safety control measures
  7. Personal information in (1) to (5) above (retained personal data)
    • • Contact / offer to outsourcers in the extent necessary to achieve the above purpose of use

Shared use of personal data

The Company has concluded a contract with Nippon Altmark Co., Ltd., and as a member, we jointly use a medical database. Please refer to the website of the company responsible for management, the item of shared data, the scope of the shared users and purpose of use.

Contact point

The following window for complaints, consultation and other inquiries concerning handling of personal information by our company is as follows.
(Address) 287-1 Shimocho Ogawa Machi Kanazawa City Ishikawa Prefecture 920 - 0017
(Name) Kyorin Remedio Inc. General Affairs Department General Affairs Section
(Telephone number) 076-239-2270
(FAX number) 076-239-2280
Reception hours: 8: 45 ~ 12: 00.12: 45 ~ 17: 30
(Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays other than our company's holiday)

About request for disclosure of personal information

  1. We respond to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use etc. of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure etc.") without delay without the following cases
    • • If there is a risk of significant hindrance to proper management of our business
    • • When the claim subject does not correspond to the retained personal data defined in the Personal Information Protection Act
    • • When there is a danger of harm to the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person or the third party
    • • In case of violating laws and regulations
    • • If you can not confirm that you are the principal
    • • In case of incomplete invoice
  2. Please contact us for the billing method.

Answer method

We will reply in writing from our company. We will not return documents submitted for identity verification, so please be forewarned.

Purpose of use of personal information acquired concerning request for disclosure.

Personal information acquired on request for disclosure etc. shall be handled only within the scope necessary for responding to requests for disclosure etc. Documents submitted will be kept for 1 year after responding to the request for disclosure etc. is completed and then we will destroy them.

About the authorized personal information protection organization to which our company belongs

We are a target company of the Japan Pharmaceutical Federation Federation, a certified personal information protection organization that has been certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. We accept complaints and consultations concerning the handling of personal information of the targeted business association.

Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Private Information Protection Center
Address: 3-4-18 Nihonbashi Honcho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023 4th floor Showa Pharmaceutical Building
Tel .: 03-3270-0581
Reception: 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 (except Saturdays-and-Sundays public holidays, New Year's holidays and other predetermined holidays)